The client, at the moment of the reservation, acquires the commitment to read these conditions, being the payment of the reservation and the total price of the stay booked, a sign of acceptance of the general terms and conditions. In the event that the user does not accept or does not clearly understand any of these conditions, he/she should not continue with the reservation. All clients must be over 18 and have the necessary legal capacity to hire the services offered. The personal data of each user must be truthful and will be treated in accordance with current legislation.


Check In time: from 15.00 to 19.30 on  winter and to 22.00 on summer time, the day of your arrival.

You must inform us of your arrival time at least one day in advance, stating whether you will be arriving at a later time than the scheduled time, in order to get the key at our key kiosk and with extra fee of 10€. 

You can arrange a Early Check In, with an additional cost of 40,00€ from 13.00, as long as the establishment has availability and it has been previously agreed.

During Check In, the client must present an identity document for all guests wishing to stay at the establishment.

By accepting the key and access to the flats, the client accepts the terms and conditions of the establishment, which are deemed to be automatically incorporated into the contract of the additional services.

All personal information obtained during Check In (name, ID number, telephone number or additional information) is protected under data protection law. You can find more information in our privacy policy.


Check Out time: unti 11:00 AM on the day of departure.

You can arrange a Late Check Out, with an additional cost of 40,00€ until 11.00, as long as the establishment has availability and it has been previously agreed.

Non-compliance with this policy by the guest implies the acceptance that he/she may be evicted or charged an extra nightly fee even if he/she does not stay for the full period of a stay.


If you have made an online reservation on our website, you must provide a credit card number in order to make the corresponding payment or deposit.

The credit card must be owned by the holder of the reservation. We do not accept credit cards without prior authorisation from the credit card holder.

If you have made a reservation via email, the same conditions apply as when using the website.

If you choose the non-refundable rate, non-refundable rate conditions apply. The total amount will be paid at the reservation time. The establishment will ask the customer for an identity card or passport in order to issue the invoice.

For any further information about the reservation, you can call the or send an e-mail to  info@calalanuzasuites.com.


We offer various types of reservations with different cancellation and payment clauses depending on the booked rate.

A) Refundable fee:

With this price, the establishment will ask for the payment of the 50% of the stay 7 days prior to arrival.

Cancellations or changes can be made free of charge up to seven (7) days prior to arrival free of charge (deadline time: 14.00).

Cancellations after seven days will be charged with 50% of the rate (for one-night stays it will be 100% of the stay).

"No-show" will result in a charge of 100% of the total amount of the reservation.

B) Non-refundable fee:

With this price, the establishment will ask for the payment of 100% of the stay at the reservation time. In case of modification or cancellation, this payment is non-refundable. Any modification of the reservation made by the user, with the exception of the modification of Check In and Check Out time, shall be considered for all purposes a cancellation and shall entail a new reservation.

C) Group reservations:

Group reservations will be considered to be those that occupy 3 or more flats within the same tourist block, and are subject to confirmation by the establishment.

In order to block and confirm the booking, 20 % of the total price must be paid. Payment can be made by credit card or bank transfer. Until the payment has been made, the reservation will not be confirmed.

Cancellations or modifications can be made up to fifteen (15) days prior to arrival free of charge (deadline time: 14.00).

In case of cancellation the money will not be refunded. If the client cannot make use of his reservation within those 15 days and has to cancel, the money will not be refunded either.

"No show" will result in a charge of 100 % of the total amount of the reservation.

An adult must be the reservation holder at all times and will be responsible for the children staying in each flat.

All other conditions are as stipulated in the general terms and conditions of Cala Lanuza Suites.


The establishment reserve the right to request a minimun stay depending of the season


As our destination is very variable, the establishment manages different seasons.

Seasons can vary from year to year, depending on the dates of Easter, long weekends and public holidays, etc. The dynamics of the application of prices can be variable.

To find the best price, we recommend you to consult our online booking search engine www.calalanuzasuites.com or contact us by mail.


The price of the accommodation includes the maintenance, upkeep and repairs of furniture (except for those exceeding normal and diligent use), water supplies, electricity, swimming pool, gymnasium, internet, air conditioning / heating, daily cleaning and bed linen (not including cleaning of household items). The flats are offered clean with bed linen and towels. 

The prices indicated on this website (for accommodation or additional services) include the corresponding taxes applicable at any given time.

The prices and booking conditions are as specified in the respective offer. V.A.T. is included in the booking price.

Prices are expressed in EURO.

All payments made to Cala Lanuza Suites entail the issuance of an invoice in the name of the registered client or the company name that the client has informed at the reservation. This invoice will be given to the client at the time of completion of the accommodation and payment of all contracted services via the email indicated in the reservation.

Offers shall be valid for the period stated in the offer statements.

In case of computer or typographical errors in the prices, Cala Lanuza Suites will proceed to correct them as they are detected. In such cases, the correct price resulting from the correction will be applied to the reservation, as long as the diligence in the process and the anticipation to the date of the beginning of the service provision allows it.

The payment methods allowed to formalise the reservation will be those detailed in this offer.


Baby cradle on request and availability: 15€ /stay

Parking on request and availability: 10 € day during low season; 10 € day during peak season

Pet access on request and availability: 15 € /day

Continental breakfast: 18€ /person.

Children up to the age of two can sleep free of charge in the existing beds in the reservation. Above this age, the corresponding fee will be applied.

Pool towels are available on request. They must be requested from the reception staff. One towel will be provided for each guest who requests it, and must be left inside the flat on the day of departure. Loss or damage will result in a charge of 40 € per towel on the client's credit card.

These prices may vary depending on the season.

If you are interested in hiring our extra services, you must indicate it at the time of booking or send an email to info@calalanuzasuites.com to request it. The establishment will comply with your request subject to availability.


Reservations can be made online and a written confirmation will be received as soon as possible. Within 7 days prior to arrival, 100% of the total amount must be paid by credit card. By making the payment, the client declares at the same time that he/she has read and understood the general terms and conditions and rules of coexistence of Cala Lanuza Suites and that he/she accepts them. Once this amount has been paid, we will confirm its receipt, and we will send you instructions for your arrival.

Any expenses incurred during your stay may be paid through TPV or in cash up to the legal limit. Cala Lanuza Suites reserves the right to cancel the reservation if the total amout of the reservation has not been paid 7 days before your arrival.

Nominative cheques are not accepted.

In the event that a refund is processed by the establishment, it will be issued as the payment was originally received. If the client paid by credit card, a refund will be issued accordingly. Any credit card payment will be enclosed with the corresponding invoice.

All extras issued during your stay must be paid for at Check Out. In the event that the client leaves without paying, the extras will be charged to the credit card left at Check In as a guarantee. If there is no money available or if there is no deposit, the establishment will sue the client in accordance with current legislation.


Once the total amount has been paid and Check In details have been completed, you will receive a code to open the doors of the establishment in the email address you provided when making the reservation.


If you are unable to meet this timetable, you must contact Cala Lanuza Suites to arrange your arrival. If Cala Lanuza Suites is not notified, the customer will be responsible for any additional costs that may arise due to non-compliance with the timetable (such as, for example, overnight stays in a hotel, transport costs, etc.) without the customer having any right to make any claims for this reason. If you are unable to occupy the accommodation on the day of arrival or due to any difficulty during the journey or for personal reasons, or if you shorten your stay, Cala Lanuza Suites will not refund any money.

Departures will take place until 11 AM, departure time established by the accommodation. Clients must be prepared, with their suitcases packed, the flat tidy and clean, leaving doors and windows closed.


Customers must prove their identity within 12 hours of entering the establishment by showing a document that sufficiently proves their identity.

The establishment shall submit to the Directorate-General of Police the information concerning the stay of the persons being accomodated, in accordance with the regulations on public safety.


A credit card number will be left as a guarantee and the establishment has the right to withhold 200,00 €. The deposit will be refunded in full, provided that no damage is caused to the accommodation.


Cala Lanuza Suites reserves the right to cancel reservations for reasons of "force majeure", due to non-appearance of the client at the established time and non-payment of the reservation amount by the client in accordance with the established conditions.

The establishment cannot be held responsible for any problems caused by transfers or transport services for this reason.

Under circumstances in which Cala Lanuza Suites is unable to maintain the reservations or offer services, we will refund the full amount paid or offer an alternative accommodation in a similar category establishment.

The establishment has the right to terminate the accommodation contract for non-compliance with the rules, without refund of money.

During the accommodation period, the client can cancel the stay and leave earlier than planned, bearing in mind that there are cancellation conditions as indicated above. If the booking has been made with a travel agency, the client should contact them and ask about penalty nights. Each travel agency has different regulations.

Non-refundable reservations cannot be refunded. There is a 100 % penalty for non-refundable reservations.

In the event that a refund is processed by the establishment, it will be issued as the payment was originally received (credit card, transfer, cash...) and always subtracting the management fees, bank or transfer commissions or credit card costs.


There are coexistence rules for all the clients of this establishment and of obligatory compliance by all guests. In the event of non-compliance, clients are exposed to the payment of an extra charge or to the possibility of immediate expulsion from our establishment.

Flats are delivered in optimal conditions of use. In the event that the client detects any damage, he/she will have to notify the company within 24 hours of arrival. Otherwise, it will be assumed that he/she accepts that the flat is in good condition.  

The client is obliged to ensure that the accommodation is left in good condition, tidy and presentable. Otherwise, Cala Lanuza Suites reserves the right to charge any extra cleaning costs to the security deposit.

Free cleaning by the establishment during the stay and departure does not include kitchen equipment.

All flat occupants undertake to respect the neighbours of the resort and nearby houses. In any case, no annoying, unhealthy, harmful, dangerous or illegal activities can be carried out in the accommodation.

The contract holder is responsible for the correct behaviour of all occupants. In case of negligence or inappropriate behaviour, Cala Lanuza Suites reserves the right to expel the occupants from the accommodation, without the right to future claims or any type of compensation. In this case, the establishment will not be obliged to refund the amount paid by the client.

It is forbidden to hang towels and clothes on the railings of terraces or balconies.

Children must always be accompanied and be under their parents’ responsibility.

The establishment shall not be liable for any direct or indirect damage that may be caused as a result of the misuse of the accommodation, including but not limited to: damage, loss following fire, theft, crime, accidents or other types of damage.

The establishment reserves the right to require both individuals and groups to pay a deposit of 200,00 € per booking, which will be returned on the day of departure, when the flats have been checked and the keys have been returned.

The costs of replacing damages, loss of keys, as well as bills for unpaid extra charges at departure, will be charged to the deposit or credit card. If no security deposit has been paid, the establishment will be entitled to take legal action against them in accordance with the applicable law. The establishment has a margin of 24 hours to process the corresponding charge and to process the invoice.

The establishment assumes no liability for bodily injury to clients in the event that they have acted recklessly. If the physical damage is between several people, the competent authorities will deal with the matter.

The establishment assumes no legal responsibility for luggage left in the flats or left in communal areas. The establishment is also not responsible for cars parked on the property or for the loss of money or electronic items.

Customers must respect both daytime and night-time opening hours (especially night-time opening hours) with regard to acoustics. A single complaint from a customer will be enough for the staff to request that no more noise is made, both in common areas and in the rooms.

All persons staying at the establishment must check in with their identity document. In the absence of this document, the hotel will refuse entry to unidentified guests.

For our security and yours, it is forbidden to receive people in your flat who are not registered at reception.

Clients must dress with due decorum and respect for others, and it is forbidden to go barefoot or shirtless in the common areas of the establishment.

Picnics in common areas are prohibited.

It is forbidden to hold parties in flats.

It is forbidden for customers to use any type of explosive or flammable element in the flats.


Please note that smoking is prohibited in all common areas of the establishment and in the flats. In case of non-compliance with this rule, the customer must pay an extra charge of 250,00€ per flat.


The quiet hours are from 22.00 to 08.00.


The opening hours are from 9.00 to 21.00. It is forbidden to use the swimming pool outside opening hours.

It is compulsory to shower before using the pool. Anyone with contagious diseases, infections, open wounds, etc. must not use the swimming pools.

Sunscreen is recommended.

Children under the age of 16 must be accompanied by an adult at all times.

Babies should wear special nappies for bathing and all children should wear swimsuits.

It is forbidden to eat in the solarium areas of the swimming pool, as well as the use of glassware, dishes and sharp objects.

It is forbidden to bathe wearing inappropriate footwear, T-shirts or clothing.

It is forbidden to run, push, jump, play violent or noisy games and dive head first into the pool. It is also forbidden to use inflatable mats and balls, diving goggles, except for the inflatable armbands and other swimming aids.

It is forbidden to reserve sun beds.

Animals are not allowed in the swimming pool area.

Please do not use the accommodation towels for the swimming pools. You can ask for pool towels in the reception.

We remind you that the swimming pools do not have a lifeguard service. In the event of an accident, you should contact the establishment's staff or call the emergency number: 112.


The opening hours are from 08:00 to 21:00. It is forbidden to use it outside opening hours.

Users must use the gymnasium in accordance with the rules of the establishment. Users are not allowed to behave inappropriately, to be unhygienic, to wear inappropriate clothing or to misuse the facilities.

In the interests of hygiene, it is compulsory for users to use a towel.

During physical exercise, it is necessary to wear appropriate sports clothing and footwear.

The user shall use the fitness centre at his/her own risk, exonerating the establishment from any responsibility for any damage or injury that may occur in the facilities.

Guests may not use it if they suffer from any infectious disease or illness that could be detrimental to the health of the other guests.


When making the reservation, the client is responsible for the number of people who will occupy the flat, without omitting children, whatever their age. If a higher number of persons including children are present, Cala Lanuza Suites reserves the right not to admit the client.

Children under the age of two can stay in existing beds free of charge or in baby cradles that must be requested prior to arrival (check price and availability).

Children over the age of 24 months have to pay the corresponding fee, regardless of whether they sleep in their parents' bed or not.

Children under the age of 16 must be accompanied by an adult at all times.


Access to the establishment is not allowed to anyone who is not registered on the reservation.

The use of common areas is forbidden for any person not registered in the reservation. They can only use them if the property gives its consent using the above mentioned means.

The access code to the establishment may not be shared with persons who are not registered in the reservation. In this case, the property reserves the right to cancel the use of the access code.

If these requirements are not met, the establishment may take the measures it deems appropriate to resolve this breach of the establishment's coexistence rules, with the owner of the reservation being responsible for it.

2.7 PETS

The establishment allows access to pets to a certain kind or apartments, as long as the pet reservation has been previously processed and it is not more than 15kg. The owners of the dogs must bring with them the documentation in order and are responsible for their behaviour at all times. If the animal causes damage or material damage, the owner must take responsibility. The owner of the dog is responsible at all times, excluding the establishment from any complaint if it causes any physical damage to a worker of the establishment or to other clients.

Pets are an additional cost of 15,00 €/day

Only one pet is allowed per flat.

Pets are not allowed in the swimming pool area.

Do not allow the animal to climb onto beds, sofas, armchairs, etc. If you want to dry or clean its paws after a walk, do not use the towels on the premises. Please ask us for special towels and they will be provided.

The pet owner is not only responsible for cleaning the room but also for all damages caused by the pet. Additional charges may be applied to your card if the pet causes disorder, damage to furniture or hygiene problems.

If another guest complains about your pet's barking, noise or behaviour, you must take your pet off the premises.

Pets must have all the necessary legal documentation which may be required at any time by the establishment's management. Your pet must have the appropriate medical certificates confirming up-to-date vaccinations.


All guests are responsible for their personal belongings, both in the common areas and in the flats. If the client wishes to store personal valuables, a safe is available in the flat or it can be also stored at our on-site safe. The establishment accepts no responsibility in the event of the disappearance of such objects.


Provided that the staff of the establishment finds objects in the flat after the guest has checked out, we will proceed to pack the object with the name of the reservation holder and room number. The establishment will store the object(s) within a maximum period of 10 calendar days.

The establishment will never process the shipment of the object by post or carrier. It must be the client who contacts and hires the services of a carrier, notifying the establishment the day and time of pick-up.

Food and/or drinks found in the flats will not be stored due to health regulations.


Guests must make good use of the equipment and leave it clean and tidy. They will be able to use all common facilities, swimming pool, terraces, toilets and parking (if booked) during their stay and for a limited time after their departure time from the flat.


All employees of the establishment will be treated with dignity and respect. Any scandal caused by the client in the common areas or in the flats is considered a serious offence, as well as disrespecting the staff, shouting, threatening, physically and psychologically mistreating the staff or other customers. In this case, the police will be called and the customer will be directly expelled from the establishment.

Customers must respect the establishment's furniture. In case of damage or extreme dirtiness in common areas or in the rooms, the establishment will proceed to charge the corresponding expenses. In addition to the furniture, we also include televisions, TV controls, mirrors, hairdryers, towels, etc.

Clients are not allowed to bring in or take food or drinks from the breakfast buffet under any circumstances, or to picnic with external food in the common areas.

The establishment reserves the right to judge the acceptable levels of noise or behaviour of its customers.

The establishment has the right to terminate the accommodation contract for breach of coexistence rules, without refund or compensation in accommodation for other dates for the days not enjoyed.

The establishment will give prior notice to the client of his misbehaviour. In case the client does not comply with the requests or any other establishment regulations, Cala Lanuza Suites reserves the right to conclude any reservation or terminate any event immediately, without being obliged, for any reason, to pay any refund of the reservation or to process any compensation.

Clients who have been expelled from the establishment shall not have the right to book on future occasions.


The establishment reserves the right of admission regardless of whether the client has booked through a travel agency or directly with the establishment. In the event of having deposited money in advance, the necessary steps will be taken for the corresponding refund, as detailed in our general regulations.


The establishment has official complaint forms which are available to clients upon request.


The Cala Lanuza Suites tourist apartment complex has a surveillance system with cameras in different areas of the complex, which are signposted to guarantee the safety of clients, users and all those who visit the facilities.

The information obtained and stored by the recording system shall be used exclusively for the purposes of prevention, security and protection of persons and property in the establishment or the facility under protection.

The above information is subject to the rights recognised by the General Data Protection Regulation (EU) 2016/679 and Organic Law 3/2018, of December 5, on Personal Data Protection and Guarantee of Digital Rights, as well as its enabling legislation.


In accordance with the provisions of General Regulation (EU) 2016/679 on Data Protection and Organic Law 3/2018, of 5 December, on Personal Data Protection and Guarantee of Digital Rights, we inform you that the data provided during the course of the service will be incorporated into the Treatment Activities owned by PROMOCIONES GAVAIR, S.L. with VAT number B53313573 and registered office at C/ Corredora nº 43, 03202, Elche (Alicante). The purpose of such treatment is to provide you with an optimum service as a client and to maintain the commercial relationship established in each case.

You may exercise your rights of access, rectification, suppression, limitation, opposition and portability at any time, by writing to the following address: C/ Corredora nº 43, 03.202, Elche (Alicante), or to the e-mail address info@calalanuzasuites.com.   

Additional detailed information on Data Protection can be found in our Privacy Policy on the www.calalanuzasuites.com website.

Finally, the company informs you that, by accepting this document, you consent to the processing of your data for the aforementioned purposes.


This contractual relationship shall be subject to the Terms and Conditions, the general coexistence rules set out in this document, and the applicable law to the tourist flats on offer.

The full text of this contract, as well as the documents arising from it, has been drawn up in both Spanish and English, although the Spanish language version is established as the priority for its interpretation.


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