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iIn compliance with Spanish regulations on the use of cookies with regard to the provision of services within the information society, included in paragraph 2, Article 22 of Law 34/2002, of 11 July, on Information Society Services and Electronic Commerce, after being amended by Royal Decree-Law 13/2012, of 30 March, we inform you of the use of cookies on this website,  and the reason for their use. Likewise, we inform you, in accordance with the law, (i) USERS consent to use them when they adapt their browser's settings to disable cookies blocking and (ii) this consent shall not be necessary to install those cookies which are strictly necessary to provide a service expressly required by the USER.


Cookies are small text files that are stored in the USERS' computer browser in order to track their activity by sending an anonymous identification which it later stores with the aim of offering an easier browsing experience by allowing previously registered USERS to access exclusive areas, services and offers without always having to register. Cookies may also be used to measure the audience, traffic and browsing parameters, the login time and/or to control the progress and number of visits. Cookies are only associated with an anonymous user and the user's computer or device and they do not provide references that may disclose personal information.


1.- First-party cookies: cookies which are sent to the user's terminal equipment from a computer or domain that is managed by the editor and where the service requested by the user is provided.

2.- Third-party cookies: cookies which are sent to the user's terminal equipment from a computer or domain that is not managed by the editor, but by a different entity that processes the data obtained through cookies.

3.- Session cookies: cookies which are designed to collect data when the user accesses a website.

4.- Persistent cookies: cookies which keep the data stored in the terminal and can be accessed and processed for a time period defined by the party responsible for the cookie, which can range from a few minutes to several years.

5.-Technical cookies: cookies which allow the user to browse around a website and to use different options and services like controlling data communication and traffic, identifying sessions, accessing restricted access parts, remembering the elements that are part of an order, storing contents for broadcasting videos or sound or sharing content on social media.


6.- Personalization cookies: cookies which allow the user to access the service using some predefined general features based on a number of criteria in the user's terminal such as the language or the type of browser among others.

7.- Analytics cookies: cookies which are either processed by us or by a third party and which allow us to quantify the number of users in order to measure and carry out a statistical analysis regarding the use of our services. For this purpose, these cookies analyse your browsing behaviour on our website in order to improve the range of products and services we offer.

8.- Advertising cookies: cookies which allow to efficiently manage advertising that the editor may have included on the website, app or platform which provides the requested service based on criteria such as the edited content or how frequently adverts are shown.  

9.- Behavioural advertising cookies: cookies which allow to efficiently manage advertising that the editor may have included on the website, app or platform which provides the requested service. These cookies store information on users' behaviour based on their browsing habits, which allows us to create a personal profile in order to display relevant advertising.


Cookies used by this website are session cookies and third-party cookies which allow us to store and access information with regard to the language, the type of browser and other general features predefined by the user, as well as to track and analyse your activity with the aim of improving your user experience and provide our services in a more efficient and personalised manner. PROMOCIONES GAVAIR S.L. does not use advertising cookies or behavioural advertising cookies.

The use of cookies offers advantages when providing services, since it offers users a better browsing experience and allow them to access different services offered by this website; it prevents users from having to adjust predefined general features every time they access the website, it helps the website to function in a better manner and improves the services provided to users after analysing the information collected through cookies. 














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NOTE: Some pages of this website show embedded or invoked content which can be used to install third-party cookies. Although the website is periodically checked, the list of cookies may not be up to date. If you have any questions regarding cookies which are installed through this website, feel free to contact us.






































As a user you can access your browser's settings at any time to accept or reject all cookies or to select only those cookies you accept by following the next steps depending on the browser:

Given that each browser works differently, the Help function of your browser will show you the way to do it.

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All browsers allow you to change cookies settings. These settings can be typically found in the options or preferences of your browser's menu.


Here you can find information on how to access cookies settings and private browsing, if necessary, in every major browser.


 Internet Explorer: Tools -> Internet Options -> Privacy -> Settings.
  Check Microsoft support or your browser's support for more information.
 Firefox: Tools -> Options -> Privacy -> History -> Custom settings.
  Check Mozilla support or your browser's support for more information.
 Chrome: Settings -> Show advanced settings -> Privacy -> Content settings.
  Check Google support  or your browser's support for more information.
 Safari: Preferences->Security.
  Check Apple support  or your your browser's support for more information


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